Check Your Home for Mold to Prevent Damage

Flooding normally gets all the attention when it concerned the ideas of damages done to house from water. However the damages from little leaks can itself be big if not caught and fixed. This details can save you countless dollars. We suggest that homeowner check their own houses each year and have their homes examined by a home inspection company every 3 years trying to find moisture concerns.

Every home has a hot water heater of some type. It is approximated that 5 to 7 million water heaters fail ever year, and all failures have possibility of causing water damage. The average cost for repair work after a hot water heater stops working can go beyond $20,000 according to the Insurance Information Institute. Home owners can find early signs of hot water heater failure rapidly and easily. With the big potential for damage this need to be checked typically by the resident.

Other areas of moisture concerns are more difficult to see and homeowner are recommended to have a home inspection company perform a mold inspection on the home. This is a little different than the whole home inspection that is often done when purchasing the house. A moisture inspection focuses just on moisture related locations. Moisture is a necessary component for mold problems. Typically moisture examinations are done in addition to testing for molds if suspicious growth is discovered during the moisture inspection. If suspicious growth is observed then the property owner can choose to have the inspection company take a swab sample and air samples for mold analysis by a laboratory.

A mold inspection is more than searching for dripping pipes and drains pipes. Outside scenarios that can cause moisture invasion are looked for along with correct ventilation for attics, attic spaces, crawl spaces and roofs are taken a look at as well. Moisture problems in numerous spaces can go unseen for years. This delay is recognition increases the difficulty and the expense in remedying these concerns.

Moisture meters and humidity levels in the home can be determined and utilized as well to help figure out problems and potential causes. If conditions and circumstances present themselves thermal imaging cams can also be used too to assist figure out moisture issues.

Molds are present in every home and in the fresh outside air. If a mold spore exists on a food source such as drywall, wood trim, wood or even on dust it will not always grow to an issue level. If that exact same spore and area were to have actually moisture included, now you have conditions where molds can grow and become a concern.

Mold Inspection of Austin
Mold Inspection of Austin

To prevent water damage and moisture associated problems such as mold growth it is suggested that all house be check typically for water leaks. Homeowner need to often monitor their homes and employ a home mold inspection company to do a more thorough moisture inspection every few years to assist safeguard the home and the health of the household.